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Variety of Services in French and Spanish

You have a message to convey from English into French/Spanish or vice versa, but you're not sure where to start from. 

You have legal documents (birth/death certificates, marriage certificates, bank statements, diplomas, degrees, any certified translation) to translate for immigration or official purposes; but you're worried about genuine certified linguists in the UK.

Your company is about to carry out an important project in a French/Spanish speaking country; a team/manager will be travelling often to that country for regular meetings. Would the language barrier be a problem? Certainly English is spoken worldwide, but would you not want to add some extra language knowledge  on your CV and pick up any relevant business information? Or even better, increase  your sales revenu? 

You have a wedding in France and would like to impress your french family in-law/friends, you're planning some holidays in Paris or Madrid and would surely like to know more than the usual "bonjour" or "hola".

You have children preparing  their GCSE/ A-Level and you want the best tutors for them. 

You have a conference or a meeting with your French/Spanish colleagues and you need the PowerPoint presentation to be interpreted simultaneously or consecutively.

You need a linguist consultant to advise and support you with your client in regards to ongoing communications, cultural understanding, software training in your clients' language, etc...

If you need help in any of the above or more, LinguaXpert is here to support you and your business.

We'll make it work for you.

Below is a non exhaustive list of the services our team can provide.  

                1. Written Translation

  • Legal translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Summary Translation
  • Revision
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Marketing and Communications Translation

Would you like a translation that reads like the original text?

Our team of experts is here to provide you with the best quality translation you deserve.

We’re expert writers making sure your translations speak to your clients as originally intended. 

                2.  Interpreting

  • Interpreting Services
  • Audio Translation Services
  • Our interpreting services are available for business as well as private purposes. Our linguists are familiar with the code of conduct when it comes to interpret at a conference, at a business meeting, In a Court of Law, in public service offices, with the NHS, etc...
  • Telephone/audio interpreting services are also available.

              3.  Digital Services

  • Website translation
  • Social Media 

Having a website in different languages means opening to a wider public. Therefore, a website that speaks to your target audience is very important. We don't just translate your website or social media content into another language, we make sure the linguistic content is adapted to the cultural content.


              4. Language Tuition/Coaching

  • Business French/Spanish (In-company lessons)
  • Online language courses (one on one language refresher)
  • Exam preparation (GCSE, A-LEVEL)
  • Beginner -Intermediate - Advanced
  • Tailored courses (from refresher to advanced)
  • DPSI Law coaching
  • Interpreter/translator coaching
  • Language Coach

We have a variety of language courses available. Whether you need to improve your French/Spanish for business purpose or you would like a tutor to assist with exam preparation, we'll engage with you and deliver above your expectations.

Having a great deal of experience in Public Service and Professional Meetings Interpreting, we're fully aware of the do's and don'ts in this field. If you're a new linguist or would like to know whether this is the right path for you, we have all the tips needed to become a successful linguist.

                    5. Linguist Consultancy

  • Software trainer (In French/Spanish)
  • Communication link

Our experts are highly qualified and are ready to support you in various fields such as: training clients in their language (French or Spanish) on how to use a new software or digital tool, understanding a socio-cultural context before engaging in a new project where language is one of the barrier, translating emails, supporting on webinar where language might be an issue, etc... 

The range of support we offer is non-exhaustive, please do contact us for more information.